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風馬牛學習筆記發布時間:05-1910:41outlive是什麼意思?長生不老,英語怎么說?讀完這篇文章,在評論區留下你的答案吧。話題討論:不修仙就能長生不老?科學而嚴肅地說長生。長生不老可能并不是一件好事,尤其是當這只是你一個人的特權時。first off, earth is only so big. 首先,地球只有這么大。Tight in here. 這里很緊張擁擠。(here可以指開闊的地方open area,in here多指an enclosed area封閉的地方)searching for the secret to immortality. 尋找長生不老的秘密。But is immortality really a good thing? 永生真的是一件好事嗎?The same year can feel differently to different people. 相同的一年,不同的人有不同的感受。A year to him could feel like a day. 一年就像一天。Extremely lonely and sad 非常孤獨和悲傷。He has and always will outlive everyone he has ever loved. 他會并將永遠比他所愛的人活得長。How much of your past have you forgotten?你忘記了多少過去?I have trouble rememberingwhat I did when I was five. 很難記住五歲的時候發生了什麼。We dont remember every single detail of our past because our brains have a limited capacity. 我們不能記住過去的每一個細節,因為我們的大腦容量有限。replace useless memories with relevant information 用有用信息取代無用的記憶。Find a companion to fall in love with 找一個伴侶相愛。This changes what a meaningful relationshipmeans. 改變了一段有意義關系的意義。Another tricky thing aboutimmortality: 永生的另一個棘手問題。Mate and have children 配偶和生孩子基因不斷進化,而長生不老的你還依舊是千年前的基因,那你在別人眼中的樣子就有點奇怪了。Assuming theres no natural disaster that wipes out all the tall people, 假設沒有自然災害可以消滅所有高個子的人,那你就是進化后的一群高個子中的那個矮子。And one more physical consideration forimmortality. 還有一個關于永生的物理因素需要考慮。After all, immortality doesnt automatically translate to invincibility, It doesnt guarantee what condition youll be alive in.畢竟永生不會自動轉變成無堅不摧你不會變得無敵,長生不老不代表能保證你活著的境況。amputation-related hospital discharges 截肢相關的出院病例The odds ofstill having all your limbs are pretty slim. 仍然擁有四肢的幾率非常渺茫What are the odds of you doing something...? 你能做某事的幾率有多大?Are you sure you want to live forever? 你確定你還想長生嗎?雅思口語素材如果可以選擇,你希望永生嗎?范文1I would choose to be immortal under some conditions. 在某些情況下,我會選擇永生。Firstly, I wish to be ageless and immune to diseases. It wouldnt be pleasant to outlive others as an old sick man. 首先,我希望永葆青春,對疾病免疫。像一個病重的老人那樣活得比別人都長是不愉快的。Secondly, I hope that my family and friends could be immortal like me. 其次,我希望我的家人和朋友能像我一樣長生不老。Otherwise, I would feel very sad and lonely. 否則,我會感到非常悲傷和孤獨。Thirdly, people wouldnt treat me as a monster. I shall be free to travel around and do things I love to do. I could take my time to learn new things, so my long life would be meaningful and interesting.第三,人們不會把我當做怪物。我可以自由地到處旅行,做我喜歡做的事情。我可以用我的時間來學習新事物,這樣我的漫長的生命將是有意義的和有趣的。范文2Immortality may sound great to most people, but it wouldnt be my choice. 永生對大多數人來說可能聽起來很棒,但這不是我的選擇。Life is more meaningful when its finite. 有限的生命更有意義。Things we value such as time, love and dream would be overshadowed by endless life. More importantly, I would be very sad to see all the people I love pass away. If I had to live alone in the world without them, I would rather die. 我們珍視的時間、愛和夢想等東西會被無盡的生命所遮蔽。更重要的是,看到所有我愛的人都去世了,我會很難過。如果我不得不獨自生活在沒有他們的世界上,我寧愿死。Finally, I keep wondering what would happen after people die. Would there be another world or another chance to live? 最后,我一直在想人死后會發生什麼。會有另一個世界或另一個生存的機會嗎?I would like to move to that stage naturally to find out the answer. 我想自然地過渡到那個階段去尋找答案。重點表達學習ageless不老的carefree無憂無慮的I would be thrilled if I could be ageless. 如果我能永葆青春的話,我會開心死了。I prefer to live a happy and carefree life. 我更想過幸福的、無憂無慮的生活。be immune to 對......免疫,免于......的Can human evolve to be immune to diseases? 人類可以進化到對疾病免疫嗎?I wish to be immune to diseases. 我希望免于疾病。outlive sb 比......活得長Nowadays women outlive men by about five to six years. 現在女人平均比男人長壽五到六年。He outlived all of his brothers. 他比他所有的兄弟都活得長。Seize the moment and live without regrets. 把握現在,無悔生活。be overshadowed by被......蒙上陰影奪去光彩My happiness was overshadowed by the bad news. 這個壞消息給我的幸福蒙上了陰影。She is overshadowed by her younger and more attractive sister. 她那更年輕且更有魅力的妹妹讓她黯然失色。Things that we value such as love and dream would be overshadowed by endless life. 我們珍視的東西,比如愛和夢想,會因永生而變得黯然失色。I prefer not to be immortal if I have to give up things I value such as love and family. 如果我不得不放棄我珍視的東西比如愛和家庭,我寧愿不要永生。如果重生了,你會怎樣?英語怎么答|雅思口語素材me-time是什麼意思?享受獨處,英語怎么說|雅思口語素材stay in shape是什麼意思?完美身材,英語怎么說|雅思口語素材


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